Nakon nadogradnje na FortiOS 6.4.3 dolazi do gubitka CAPWAP prometa


Upon upgrading to FortiOS 6.4.3, configurations with a FortiAP managed through a VLAN interface may have issues with passing CAPWAP traffic from the FortiGate to the FortiAP.  CAPWAP traffic that is offloaded to the NP6 and NP6XLite ASICs will be dropped for tunneled SSIDs.

If the FortiAP is managed by a FortiGate device through a non-VLAN interface, then this issue is not encountered.

Potentially Affected Products:

FortiGate devices with NP6 and NP6XLite

Potentially Affected OS:

FortiOS 6.4.3


Disable CAPWAP session offloading.

By default, managed FortiAP and FortiLink CAPWAP sessions are offloaded to the NP6 or NP6XLite ASICs. You can use the following command to disable CAWAP session offloading:

config system npu

set capwap-offload disable



Fortinet has resolved the issue in the upcoming FortiOS 6.4.4.

Contact Fortinet Technical Support to request a special build hot fix for an interim solution for use until FortiOS 6.4.4 is available.

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